Find out more about some key Universal Basic Income programs that were tried, are active or are planned.

GiveDirectly | Africa

GiveDirectly is leading the world’s largest and longest-term experiment to date studying the effects of a Universal Basic Income. As part of this $30M project, it has already distributed millions of dollars to 20,000 individuals living across 197 villages, and an additional 100 villages have been surveyed as a control group. Some individuals will receive payments for 12 years, and the full research study they have undertaken will last at least that long, but initial results are expected in 2020.

The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend | Alaska 1982-present

The State of Alaska distributes a share of the state’s oil revenues, typically between $1000 and $2000 per year to each of state residents, including children.

Y Combinator Research Randomized Controlled Basic Income Trial | In Development

The Silicon Valley research firm proposes to compare a group of people who receive a basic income to an otherwise identical group of people who do not. In this way, the effects of a basic income can be isolated and quantified. The research will randomly select individuals across two US states to participate in the study. Roughly half will receive $1,000 a month for up to five years; the rest will serve as a control group for comparison.

SEED Stockton, California | In Development

The Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED) is the first city-led basic income initiative in the US. Beginning in 2019, 100 city residents will receive an unconditional basic income of $500 per month. Research will focus on a variety of outcomes, including financial security, civic engagement, health and wellness.

Finland Basic Income Experiment | Finland 2017-2019

The Government of Finland tested basic income as a potential new model for the Finnish social security system, providing a payment of 560 Euro (approximately $625) per month to 2000 persons. The experiment has a research focus on studying the effects of the provision of basic income on employment. and recipient wellbeing.

US Income Maintenance Experiments | NJ, PA, WA, CO IN, CO, NC. 1968-1982

The US Government sponsored four large-scale social experiments relating to basic income involving multiple states, urban and rural populations and program types. The experiment had a research focus on studying the effects on work effort, family stability, housing, food consumption and wellbeing of dependent children.

Privately funded experiment

This is a privately funded experiment that includes 21 recipients of UBI over a period of two years as participants in a docu-series that follows the effect this has on their lives.

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