The human condition:
21st Century

The U.S. is wealthier than ever, yet wage growth is stagnant, income inequality is soaring, disengagement at work is rampant, careers are being lost to gigs, and robots are coming for our jobs at an unprecedented rate.  Inequality is being driven from the top, those who can buy power control the political and economic systems and they hoard the national wealth rather than allowing it to circulate to everyone’s benefit. 

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a way to effectively empower everyone to control their own lives by giving every American over the age of eighteen $1000 a month.

Universal Basic Income as a Solution.


You may have a great idea that you are passionate about but unless you have access to capital and time to explore it, you cannot become an entrepreneur.  Everyone should be able to pursue their dream.  UBI can help.


In spite of the fact that you are doing the most important job in the country, raising the next generation of Americans, our economic system (the GDP) values your contribution at zero.  You should be compensated.  UBI can help.

Low-Income Individuals and Families

Social safety net programs like SNAP  and food stamps are compliance-based, dehumanizing and precarious.  People who need a helping hand should be treated with dignity and allowed to make their own choices.  UBI can help.

Care Givers and Community Volunteers

Although your contributions are invaluable, the time you devote to those you care for or spend helping others in your community who are in need doesn’t count.  Your work should be recognized and remunerated.  UBI can help.

Student Loans

Many young people start out in life with student loans and they have to postpone getting married, starting a home, having children.  That has an impact on our economy and they should be able to lighten the burden of their obligations.  UBI can help.

Freedom to Thrive

Whether you are in an abusive relationship, stuck in a job you hate, recently released from prison or unable to explore your artistic talents, our economic system should afford you the freedom to make your own life choices.  UBI can help.

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Scott Santens


Writer and unconditional basic income advocate who believes our civilization is better than this.

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