The Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity is Established to Raise Awareness of the Threat of Technological Unemployment and Support Universal Basic Income (UBI)

San Francisco June 27th, 2019 The Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity (Fund) today announced that it has been established to promulgate the message of Gerald Huff, an ardent proponent of Universal Basic Income (UBI) as a transitional solution to the existential threat of technological unemployment. The Fund was founded by Dr. Gisele Huff, who serves as its president, after the loss of her son Gerald to pancreatic cancer in late 2018. Gerald and Gisele shared concerns about technological unemployment, the growing economic divide and the potential of UBI to help address these challenges on a broad scale. Universal Basic Income, sometimes referred to as unconditional basic income or simply basic income is a program in which all citizens of a nation, state or other regional or political subdivision are given a periodic cash payment without conditions governing how the money is used. The concept has been debated by national figures since the dawn of our republic, with its advocates including Thomas Paine, Richard Nixon, Martin Luther King and Milton Friedman. It has been a part of mainstream life in a US State since the 1970’s and is now being evaluated in several US cities and regions. The Fund’s Board of Directors includes Dr. Huff, a nationally-known leader in the areas of educational innovation and reform; Michele Huff, Esq., Gerald’s sister, an IP attorney and currently the Director of the Office of Business Contracts and Brand Protection at the University of California, Berkeley; Stephen Kuhn, Gerald’s friend and former business and currently a founding partner at Advantary, a San Francisco-based CxO consulting firm; Scott Santens, widely regarded as one of the world’s most effective basic income activists, board member of USBIG, a basic income advocacy organization, and advisor to the Economic Security Project and Universal Income Project; and Scott Smith, founder and director of the Foundation for a Better Economy, which supports new solutions for revamping the nation’s tax and banking system on the eve of the fourth industrial revolution. “Our society is facing an escalating challenge to its very foundations, wrought by continuing advancements in a wide range of technologies that have already demonstrated both their potential and their ability to displace American workers,” said Dr. Huff. “Gerald knew of it firsthand, as a principal software engineer at Tesla responsible for the software that managed the flow of parts through their highly automated factory, and a Silicon Valley veteran who recognized the devastating effects of technologies such as autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and robotics would have on large segments of our nation’s workforce. He wrote a novel, Crisis: 2038, which was published the day after he died. Technological unemployment was an issue he cared deeply about and we will continue his work through the Fund.”

About The Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity

The Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity is a non-profit organization that raises awareness of the threat of technological unemployment and supports Universal Basic Income by collaborating with education and advocacy programs as well as individuals to further its understanding, acceptance, and implementation to benefit all Americans. For more information please visit fundforhumanity.org

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