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Basic Income Pilots (BIP) is a comprehensive resource that gathers all the Universal Basic Income (UBI) trials and their outcomes in one place. It provides a clear overview of UBI experiments worldwide, presenting key findings and insights to inform discussions on this innovative social policy

Learn more about Universal Basic Income:

Read Scott Santens’ analysis of UBI and the future of the United States.
The Basic Income Today Community was created by the Fund to provide news and information and to further the discussion and debate about UBI.

Watch the Inherent Good film, free for now, and learn about unconditional cash. A film about a bold idea, a film about UBI.

The UBI calculator was created for you to explore how UBI would work for you personally.

A word about the Gerald Huff Fund For Humanity

The Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity is a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Since its creation in 2019, the Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity has launched multiple projects always with the goal of raising awareness of Universal Basic Income (UBI) and promoting its understanding, acceptance and implementation.

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