We work to raise awareness of Universal Basic Income (UBI) and
to promote its understanding, acceptance and implementation.

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Basic Income Pilots

Basic Income Pilots (BIP) is a comprehensive resource that gathers all the Universal Basic Income (UBI) trials and their outcomes in one place. It provides a clear overview of UBI experiments worldwide, presenting key findings and insights to inform discussions on this innovative social policy. BIP aims to foster understanding and promote informed discourse around UBI and its potential impacts on society.

Basic Income Today:

The Basic Income Today Community was created by the Fund to provide news and information and to further the discussion and debate about Universal Basic Income (UBI) and its impact on workers’ purpose, identity, dignity, and the economy at large.

Income Movement:

Income Movement is a people powered organization working to move universal basic income from a radical idea to widespread public acceptance and organize a grassroots movement to elect representatives who will enact basic income legislation in the next decade.

Who was Gerald Huff?

Gerald Huff was 54 years old when he succumbed to pancreatic cancer on November 17, 2018, seven weeks after he was diagnosed. An ardent proponent of Universal Basic Income (UBI) as a transitional solution to the existential threat of technological unemployment, Gerald authored a techno-thriller novel, Crisis 2038, that was published the day before he died. The Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was established by his mother, Gisèle Huff, to promulgate his urgent message

Discover Universal Basic Income (UBI) via a series of short video discussions with Gerald Huff.

Watch an interview with Gerald Huff about Universal Basic Income (UBI) at the Milken Institute.

Discover Gerald Huff’s critically acclaimed book about UBI, now available for free as an audio book.

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