Gerald Huff

By Gisele Huff

Gerald Huff was a principal software engineer at Tesla, where he was the technical lead for the software that manages the flow of thousands of Model 3 parts throughout the factory.  He was 54 years old when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, seven weeks before he died on November 17, 2018, and just prior to the publication of his first novel, Crisis 2038, a techno-thriller which examines the impact of, and potential solutions to the problem of technological unemployment, one he cared deeply about, passionately raised awareness of, and tirelessly sought creative solutions for.


Before joining Tesla, Gerald was director of the Technology Innovation Group at Intuit, exploring the application of emerging technologies to solve problems in the consumer and small-business space. In 2014, he ran a workshop with Peter Diamandis at Singularity University exploring the future of jobs and work with 30 technology, labor and government experts.

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