Will technology ever
benefit us all?


Fall 2038. A crisis is brewing as increasingly intelligent AIs and robots replace more and more human labor, leading to high unemployment and civil unrest. While politicians and the people remain paralyzed by tribal ideologies, two competing voices emerge with radically different solutions. Sara Dhawan, a brilliant sixteen-year-old girl discovered in a small village in India, emerges onto the global stage with a compelling pro-technology message. But a darker force is emerging. A shadowy group of anti-technology terrorists determined to use any means necessary to stop our merging with and subservience to technology. Over the course of five perilous months, the battle plays out, each side leveraging the latest tech, in-depth VR experiences, autonomous explosive drones, and government surveillance through medical implants. Which path the country chooses will determine whether we plunge into social breakdown or chart a course to a more abundant and equally distributed world.

Will technology ever
benefit us all?

About the book

Here is what Andrew Yang, Democratic candidate for president 2020, wrote: “CRISIS 2038 is a facinating account of our near future. Only someone who is actively engaged in building the future like Gerald Huff could have crafted such a detailed look at what awaits us as a people is a society”

About Gerald Huff

An ardent proponet of a Universal Basic Income as a transitional solution to the existential threat of technological unemployment, Gerald authored a techno-thriller novel, CRISIS 2038, published the day before he died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 54.

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